Sister Wives: Really TLC?

I saw the promo for this show several weeks ago and decided that I would check it out, despite my serious lack of patience with the subject matter.

For some strange reason, I have zero tolerance for the subject of polygamy. I'm not sure if it's my anger issues with men, or the fact that I feel this type of poly amorous relationship promotes gluttony, but the idea of women subjecting themselves to this type of relationship for the sake of pleasing "Heavenly Father", or "teaching themselves a life lesson" feels wrong, for lack of a better word.

This show, in all its 30 minute glory, paints a direct picture of what happens when your husband beds several women, and has them live with you. There's jealousy, anger, resentment, and uneven numbers. Sure there's love, and love for each mother's children, but why wouldn't there be at some point? The niceties and surface behavior don't create substantial proof that what's going on under your roof is of the lord.

Watching this show has been the equivalent of watching five adults swallow five bottle of ipecac syrup and complain that they have profuse vomiting, but then simultaneously claim to love what the vomiting does for their close and personal relationships with God.

My point is, it's all self inflicted pain. Whatever their struggles are, they're not to be consoled, or raised up in some way that congratulates or en-champions what they do, THEY CHOSE THEIR CHAOS. They are directly creating their own drama, and in turn, their own loss of financial stability, loss of credibility, and lack of a true moral compass.

DVR it if you must, watch it if you will, but I can no longer watch Sister Wives. The show disgusts me, the adaptation of my church's principles in their false and doctored religion offends me, and their need to make money off their lifestyle is to me, the most vile of all.


  1. Yeah, but who's gonna make dinner for you when your first wife doesn't feel like it? Or who's gonna watch the kids when you want to go on a date with your new girlfriend/fiance? You've seemed to pose more questions then answers.....Maybe you should give this more thought Emily.


    PS- Love ya em!

  2. ha ha ha ha.... Anonymous,

    You make some seriously valid points. I've talked it over with Ross and we've decided we want to take your wife on. Tell Karin we'd like her to be the 2nd wife, if she's interested????

    p.p.s. love you too scotty